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PenWielder62, present and accounted for.

TheWayfarer - totally on board!

I’ve heard a lot of versions of Cnoc Na Feille over the years, but I just heard this one last week and it’s by far my favorite version that Runrig’s recorded!!! So, so, so excellent. 

TitleCnoc Na Feille
AlbumAccess All Areas Vol. 3 - Runrig Live

Doctor Who - 12 by Matt Ferguson


Doctor Who - 12 by Matt Ferguson

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My dad got the Lost Collection tunebook recently and has been working out of it some. I am looking forward to when I also actually have time to sit down with my chanter and go through at least some of it. Then, my dad and I can do harmonies together. He’s getting really pretty good, whereas I’m having to focus on my other instruments and general college studies. :-/ The good news is that there’s still plenty of time to get better at my piping! If my dad can do it after not playing for 25 years, I’ve got a pretty decent shot once I have the time to dedicate to it!


nine: don’t wander off

ten: don’t wander off

eleven: don’t wander off


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when I find myself in times of trouble, the twelfth doctor comes to me, speaking words of wisdom


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Peter’s first meeting with the TARDIS (i suppose)

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big-finish-sketches asked: There's a big thing a few episodes later about how history has been changed and the past is all wrong and blah blah blah, but you can bet they're not exactly hip on the details of American history either. :D

Ah ok, that’s really helpful then. :D I figured it was something like that.