I quite like the word “preamble”. You see, I just heard it for the first time today, and correct me if I’m wrong - it’s not a word used especially often in vocabulary today. It was in a document however. I’m not entirely sure of it’s meaning. But it sounds cool. Like “preamble” is like the shortened version of a ramble. So “pre-ramble” was shortened to “preamble” over time - and has taken it’s place in vocabulary and history with it’s current meaning. Of course, it might not mean that at all. But I’d really like to go up to somebody, right before I go into a nerd-rant, and say, “Pardon me, but I’m about to preamble at you!” just so they know what they’re getting first. XD

So now I shall go look up the actual definition. Ignore me if you know what a preamble is exactly and I’m being naive.

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